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Monin Lime, Ruby Grapefruit and Tangerine Puree

MONIN Lime Puree The lime is a bright green, tropical citrus fruit. It is characterised by a subtle flavour whose freshness and fragrance are provided by its zest, its flesh and its juice. It is both this singularity and strength that Le Fruit de MONIN Lime embodies, and what make it a key player in…
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Dictador Cigars

Dictador XO 1913 The Dictador XO remains a highly guarded and secret blend which is finished with a silky smooth Habano wrapper. TASTING NOTES With pre-light notes of white pepper, hay, sweet cocoa and honey, and occasional notes of sweetness and spice, this cigar remains almost fleeting throughout. A medium to full bodied cigar, the…
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Monin Bergamot Syrup

Monin Bergamot Syrup Native to the south of Italy, the bergamot is a small green or yellow citrus fruit, characterized by its delicate, aromatic flavour. Its yellow flesh and both sour and bitter taste have made it an essential ingredient in the world of beverages these past years. Unique and aromatic, MONIN Bergamot syrup will…
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Fentimans Tropical Soda

Tropical Soda Crafted together with a team of top bartenders, Tropical Soda is a Pineapple and Cardamom mixer made specifically for Rum!
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